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I think today people worry a lot about.

the world about the economy China.

economy in the world and I'm a very.

optimistic when people start to worry.

that that is the opportunity is but I.

worry about the blood testing and she.

created good things and I think great.

innovations great companies always.

happening in the tough times the lives.

like the music you have a pivot down you.

have a larger the shot notes and I like.

American movie life life is like a box.

of chocolate you never know what you're.

gonna get right so I'm pretty optimistic.

the opportunity in the future for.

equality is huge because in the in in.

the last century the IT is for big.

companies the globalization is for big.

companies but now with the technology we.

can serve those 80% of the companies.

that never been served we can serve the.

80% of young people that never served.

technology for Internet is so cheap so.

easy to use one of the reasons why we.

grow in China e-commerce so fast much.

faster than the u.s. is because our.

infrastructure of Commerce in China was.

too bad why it is too bad something.

happened it goes today we are working on.

the rural areas of China I can never.

imagine that China about 800 million.

people still live in the rural areas of.

farmers and they're about close to 200.

million people they are income is less.

than one dollar per day and before the.

internet it's impossible for these guys.

to reach the PC because it's so.

difficult even people like me I don't.

know how to use in PC but now on 80% of.

the farmers those will be using mobile.

phones when have the mobile phones the.

internet the data things change it a lot.

so I'm excited about the future people.

always worry that's the you know I love.

the young kids sitting there and talking.

about the dream their hopes because if.

they have the hope we have the hope.

that's what I believe.

and let's just take what you do.

and I've loved every description I've.

ever heard about how you serve people.

and your story about the bamboo farmers.

and your wife and her friends it was.

fabulous but where's this going what are.

you going to do.

what are your plans to maximize the use.

that people in remote rural areas of.

China can make of their cell phones.

besides ordering your project how are.

you going to get it are you going to get.

them in the banking system through cell.

phones how well we we never know that we.

can't grow so fast in the past five.

miles we covered 4,500 villages and.

these people normally they they use a.

very traditional way that take them like.

two of I we went to the rural area took.

them the farmers two hours to work to.

the downtown in in the middle of the.

town and buy things but today because.

the mobile phone and we deliver we can.

deliver things to their home to their.

village within 72 hours I remember there.

is a well last week I read a very.

interesting evening this is Jen amazing.

there is a girl she told me a story she.

said her grandfather 92 years old.

birthday and for his life he always.

wanted to try one western-style food but.

he lived in the rural areas there's no.

such a restaurant food so she said I.

tried on the internet book a a.

restaurant dinner for Western food.

delivered to that village and they.

finally immediately find that one.

restaurant there are three guys they.

took like a three days bus from the from.

Shanghai to that village made Italian.

spaghetti and beef for them.

for this 92 years old bursting and whole.

village was excited everybody's that's a.

WoW you can order food rest no rest rest.

of style food so buy almost everything.

and also we're helping there a lot of.

farmers they plunder love.

great apples but 90% of the apples.

routed because there's nobody by Allah.

they normally buy by track you know if.

you sell the the apples they sell whole.

track and using a traditional way they.

can they can sell by whole basket of the.

apples but now because of the Internet.

the sell by one by one each apple to.

sell $1 oh you know 1 MB or - I'm just.

for each so the farmers will see using.

internet they can buy and sell and use.

the mobile phone that change their lives.

and I think it's exciting and people.

need examples when they see well the.

other my neighbors make made a money.

through online to selling things my.

neighbor may you know buy much.

interesting things online people start.

to learn and more people started by the.

mobile phones we cannot have we cannot.

make all the factory the mobile.

factories to sell phones to them only.

they know the mobile phone really works.

helping change their lives they started.

by the mobile phones just one more.

question and then do you think this will.

make the current problems like the.

current problem in China less likely.

that is if we'll have more market.

information in the market will drive.

where the investment goes instead of the.