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Warren Buffet's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

Warren Buffet's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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Warren Buffet Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

seventy years ago I was in high school.

almost a third as long as the country.

has been around and when I was in high.

school I really only had two things on.

my mind.

girls and cars and and I wasn't doing.

very well with girls so we'll talk about.

cars but let's just imagine that when we.

finished I'm gonna let each one of you.

pick out the car of your choice sounds.

good doesn't it.

pick it out any color you name it it'll.

be tied up with a bow and it'll be at.

your house tomorrow and you say well.

what's the catch and the catch is that.

it's the only car you're going to get in.

your lifetime now what are you going to.

do knowing that that's the only car.

you're ever going to have and you love.

that car you're going to take care of it.

like you cannot believe.

now what I like to suggest you're not.

going to get only one car in your.

lifetime but you got to get one body in.

one mind and that's all you're going to.

get and that body of mine feels terrific.

now but it has to last you a lifetime.

it's the important thing is to decide.

what is to be able to define which ones.

you can come to an intelligent decision.

on and which ones are beyond your.

capacity to evaluate you don't have to.

be right about thousands and thousands.

of thousands of companies you only have.

to be right about a company couple I met.

bill gates on July 5th 1991 we arrived.

Seattle and Bill said you've got to have.

a computer and I said why and he said.

well he said you can do your income tax.

on it I said I don't have any income.

Berkshire doesn't pay a dividend yeah he.

said well you can keep track of your.

portfolio I said I only have one stock I.

said I did I mean he says it's gonna.

change everything and I said well will.

it change whether people chew gum and he.

said well probably not and I said what.

will change what kind of gum they'd show.

and I said well then I'll stick a.

chewing gum and you stick to computers.

how bad I don't have to understand all.

kinds of but there's all kinds of.

business I don't understand but there's.

thousands of opportunities there I.

didn't understand the Bank of America.

you know and and I'll be able to do that.

I'm able to understand some given.

percentage but Ted Williams wrote a book.

called the science of hitting and in.

science of hitting he's got a diagram it.

shows him at the plate and he's got the.

strike zone divided in the seventy-seven.

squares each the size of a baseball and.

he says if I only swing it pitches in my.

sweet zone which he shows there and he.

has what his batting average would be.

which is 400 if he had to swing at low.

outside pitches but still in the in the.

strike zone.

his average would be 230 he said the.

most important thing in hitting is.

waiting for the right pitch now he was.

at a disadvantage because if the count.

was oh and two or one and two or so on.

even if that ball was down where he was.

only going about 230 he had to swing at.

it in investing.