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Jack Ma: THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE | Powerful Motivational Speech for Entrepeneurs

Jack Ma: THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE | Powerful Motivational Speech for Entrepeneurs

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Jack Ma: THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE - Powerful Motivational Speech for Entrepeneurs

nice crowd thank you what brings you to.

Detroit the small business the.

entrepreneurs I think I've been.

expecting this day for a long long time.

when I started my business I tried to.

sell my products ideas and to the.

outside the world especially I have a.

lot of friends who do an import-export.

there are small business ten years ago.

they could not ago because they don't.

have visa they don't have money they.

don't this I don't have that and I said.

someday I hope Alibaba can build up a.

platform that all the small business can.

sell cross vault easily efficiently and.

cheaply so after ten years things like.

that we just decided so you hope that.

they take away from this meeting an idea.

that there's this huge market in China.

yeah and people who want to buy what.

they sell yep I'd hope that as I say in.

the past 30 years.

USA domestic consumption worse the.

engine of global economy and I told the.

people at that time is say if you miss.

the opportunity of selling your products.

to the world to the USA to the Europe.

you may miss the chance and today I want.

to tell the people that if you miss the.

opportunity of selling your products to.

China you'll miss the opportunity you'll.

miss the future next year China would be.

a larger market than all other markets.

combined the single biggest market in.

the world but you said an interesting.

thing to me as we talked you said I want.

everybody in this room to know that if I.

can do it yeah you can do it yeah when I.

started my business 1995 it was very.


I had an idea I invited a 24 of my.

friends in my apartment because that.

year I went to see Otto first time my.

first trip to the USA in see Otto I.

discovered internet and I think this.

thing in the future may change the world.

something about the encounter with the.

internet when you first saw it I went to.

the CRO and a friend of mine he had a.

small office with like a four or five.

computers I never touched computer in my.

life before because computer was so.

expensive to me and so complicated but.

my friend said this is internet just to.

typing whatever word you want to have.

ISA no no too expensive I don't know.

which one to do even now I don't know.

how a computer works though he said Jack.

it's not a bomb just the type of.

whatever so the first word I typed in.

was a beer BER beer I don't drink I.

don't know why up type of beer.

I found American beer German beer.

Japanese beer no China so I typed the.

word China there's no information but.

China so I say hmm what if we can make.

some China information on the internet.

that people know about China so that was.

the idea so I came back to China and say.

I want to resign from my school you were.

teacher I was a teacher I've been.

teaching in the university for six years.

so I said I want to do it I invite 24 of.

my friends to my apartment after two.

hours of explain what I'm gonna do.

internet and 23 of them say forget it.

you say this thing never worked because.

there's no such thing called internet in.

the world you know nothing about a.

computer so why you want to do this and.

only one people he said Jack if you want.

to try it just to trial it but if you.

something wrong just to come back and.

after whole night thinking I say I still.

want to do it because most of the people.

they have a fancy ideas in the evening.

in the day when they wake up in the.

evening in the morning they go back to.

do the same job we have to do something.

different so from there I started my.

business borrowing 2000 US dollars from.

my relatives and France but that was to.

my trip I call myself like a blind a man.

riding on the back of blind tigers and.

those people who are expert of riding.

horses they all fall down and I'm still.

surviving was at the beginning of.

Alibaba that's a beginning of China.

Pages Alibaba was 1999 since 1995 a.

study business III almost a fill every.

project never survived so 1995 I got.

ideas say if I china is going to join.

WTO a lot of Chinese products is going.

to sell across the board so if I can.