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Watch This If You Are Feeling Lost | Life Changing Motivational Speech by Tony Robbins

Watch This If You Are Feeling Lost | Life Changing Motivational Speech by Tony Robbins

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Watch This If You Are Feeling Lost - Life Changing Motivational Speech by Tony Robbins

you and I want to know what it takes to.

be happy we have to understand what is.

our current blueprint of how our life's.

supposed to be then what do I mean by.

blueprint well we have a story in our.

head of how life's supposed to be some.

people's story is you work hard in.

school you become really great you're a.

nice person you're a good person and.

then you grow up and you take care of.

yourself and you find the ideal man and.

you follow love you have a white picket.

fence and you have to be perfect overran.

and you live happily ever after somebody.

else's story the old story was you work.

really hard in school you excel in.

college you're going to work for a big.

corporation and you move up through the.

ranks until you're the President or.

chairman of the company and you become.

successful and respected throughout life.

these are some old stories obviously the.

stories that we hear today of what.

people's lives are supposed to be like.

are completely diverse we no longer have.

these little Ark types but when our.

touch still seems to remain that.

archetype is in order for you to really.

feel like you're enough many people.

believe they have to achieve an enormous.

amount they may do it in different ways.

they may do it by building a company and.

taking a public when they're 27 or 25.

years old or you know they find and.

create a new technology or they become a.

very special doctor but we live in a.

culture in the West that teaches people.

that you're not enough unless you do.

something really special and unique and.

we define special and unique and.

interesting ways a schoolteacher is not.

special and unique a mother who stays.

home with her children day and night.

sculpting their minds their bodies their.

souls and their future is not special we.

live in a world today where we treat.

teachers like they're nobody and pay.

them accordingly we wonder why our.

children seem to have challenges of.

learning and growing or being engaged in.

school we spend thousands of dollars on.

some item like a computer but what we.

look at overall we invest in for the.

teacher and for that person is the.

personal connection with them is so.

small we live in a society where many.

women look down and say well you're just.

a housewife you're just a mother see.

some of the pain we have in our society.

is not because there's one.

or one wrong approach but because we try.

to make everybody fit into some.

particular approach to life here's.

what's gonna make you happy or make you.

unhappy in life it's real simple let's.

do a quick test if you're in a situation.

right now where you look at your life I.

know there's an area of your life that.

you probably feel pretty darn good about.

even if you're not happy with your.

finances I bet you feel damn good close.

to your kids or if you're not close to.

your kids maybe you don't have any kids.

maybe you feel really good about your.

career if you're doing not so good in.

your career maybe you got a really great.

body that you've trimmed down or.

strengthened up or you know you really.

shaped yourself the way you want.

muscularly or the way you look or if.

that's not happening made me feel really.

special connection with God we're really.

close to your mother or father your.

family whatever almost everybody has an.

area of their life they feel really good.

about if they're honest if they're fair.

to themselves.

what's any of your life you really feel.

happy about I want you think about it.

for a moment truthfully what's an area.

in your life today that if you wanted to.

be happy about it you really could feel.

proud about you could feel like so no.

you're doing darn well in and if you're.

really hard on yourself there's still an.

area what's an area I want you to think.

of it right now I want you think of that.

area whether it's your body or your.

finances or your career or your intimate.

relationship or your relationship with.