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Simon Sinek's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

Simon Sinek's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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Simon Sineks Life Advice Will Change Your Future

so here's a little issue we have in.

America today there are currently about.

250,000 people a year who were dying in.

our hospitals due to due to preventable.

deaths and I'm not talking about.

negligence I'm talking about little.

accidents right I'm talking about the.

doctor in the morning not properly.

briefing the doctor for the evening you.

know I'm talking about things that you.

know we can't sue anybody there's.

nothing there's nothing that we can see.

that's wrong but there's 250,000.

preventable deaths every year that's.

about 20 747s going down every single.

week that's what's the equivalent to and.

the confusing thing is that we have the.

best doctors in the world we have the.

most advanced technology in the world.

some of the medical equipment we have is.

the best in the world the medicines we.

have are the best in the world so you.

start asking yourselves why are these.

things happening and the reason is not.

because of any of those things the.

reasons are actually something vastly.

more simple and something very very.

human five percent of hospital.

administrators are doctors most of them.

are number crunchers hospitals are run.

like businesses hospitals are run by the.

numbers and the problem isn't the people.

who are giving the care they're very.

highly trained the problem is the way.

those people are cared for because what.

we've done is we've created cultures and.

hospitals where the people who are doing.

the caring aren't cared for and so all.

of these little preventable deaths are.

happening because they don't feel like.

they're a part of anything they're just.

doing their jobs and they don't get.

along that well and there's not a lot of.

camaraderie and the impact is death.

right now I use this example because.

it's exaggerated because the impact is.

so powerful but the problem is the same.

in our own companies right which is we.

come to work and we're told you must.

care for your clients you must care for.

your customers you must make.

than the focus of all you do and yet why.

aren't the people who are managing us.

from the top caring about us so yes in a.

hospital the impact is worse but the.

impact that we're having on the outside.

world is just as bad in other words.

we're not working at our best we don't.

care for the things we're doing we're.

not helping each other is the most.

important part and the residual impact.

is that we are unfulfilled by the work.

that we do and when we run fulfilled by.

the work that we do we focus on the.

details and when we focus on the details.

we retract from each other when we track.

from each other we feel lonely and when.

we feel lonely cancer goes up heart.

disease goes up diabetes goes up in.

other words by going to work we're.

killing ourselves literally there's.

another study that was released not that.

long ago that says that parents who work.

late the negative impact that it has on.

their children is little to none they.

may feel guilty as parents but the.

negative impact that it has on the.

raising of their children is little to.

none however parents who come home from.

jobs they hate or don't love their kids.

are more likely to be bullies at school.

and now you think about the bullying.

epidemic we have in America right where.

there's this disturbing number of young.

children who are killing themselves.

suicides because of bullies the problem.

is not the schools and the problem isn't.

even the parenting the problem is the.

jobs the parents have this is the.

importance and this is the power of the.

work that we do in the places we go to.

work right most of us mean like we.

listen to the the the unemployment.

statistics they say you know we're.

all-time high record high nine to ten.

percent unemployment right and people go.

Mike oh that's terrible.

and I hear that number and I go well.

that means ninety-one percent still have.

a job right now granted we want to get.

that employment number up but that means.

ninety-one percent are still going to.

work the question is how many of them.

coming home fulfilled by the work that.

they do and how many of them are waking.

up inspired to go back to work the next.

day if we don't love our works we don't.

look out for each other if we don't look.

out for each other we feel lonely if we.

don't feel lonely all these negative.

things happen so what example can I.

share with a creative audience about how.

to change this.