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Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future - Best Speech Ever

Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future - Best Speech Ever

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Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future - Best Speech Ever

we need to take a look into the future.

there are four things to consider in.

terms of attitude one is how you feel.

about the past best advice I can give.

you on that is treat the past as a.

school let it teach you the mistakes.

you've made the things that went wrong.

the things that didn't work don't use.

the past as a burden to carry and don't.

use the past as a club to beat yourself.

to death past losses past failures past.

mistakes but let the past be a school.

tough school maybe we've all been.

through some tough stuff so if you feel.

good about the past.

draw from it for experience and let it.

teach you then next is how you feel.

about the future we've got to have the.

future well designed the future is.

called the promise and here's what we.

teach in our leadership series the.

promise of the future can be an awesome.

force for your own future the promise of.

the future designing the future there's.

two ways to face the future one is with.

apprehension and the other is with.

anticipation I promise you and my.

travels around the world most people.

face the future with apprehension and.

here's why they don't have it.

well-designed they've sort of left that.

up to someone else to fix but here's the.

best way to face the future with.

anticipation and you can in you can face.

the future with anticipation if the.

future is clear if the future is well.

designed and I would like to have you.

consider some thoughts with me that help.

me to really change my future by giving.

it some thought and some consideration.

and here it is in setting goals it's.

very simple number one decide what you.

want you just take a little time you sit.

down and say what do I want what kind of.

skills do I want what kind of income do.

I want for the future what would I like.

where would I like to go places I'd like.

to visit habits I'd like to acquire.

skills I'd like to have you just take a.

little time to think about what you want.


friendships people you'd like to meet.

places you'd like to go you just take.

some time and then I suggest when you've.

thought about what you want for the.

future make a list just jot it all down.

so really a very simple process and then.

here's number three keep all the old.

lists I'm telling you this served me so.

well keeping my old list of goals I look.

back now 10 20 years ago at goals I said.

lists I made and I smile now because.

here's what I thought was so important.

you know 20 years ago now some of those.

things aren't even on my list I've got a.

new list.

I've grown I've changed I've matured but.

I give you that advice decide what you.

want number two write it down number.

three keep the old lists and then here's.

number four when you get something.

that's on one of these lists check it.

off part of the fun of having a list is.

checking it off and then if you can add.

some drama to checking it off see that.

that's what really helps I set a goal to.

go to Spain many many years ago and when.

I finally made my first trip to Spain I.

had that journal with me that had that.

list in it and while I had my journal on.

my lap waiting for the wheels to touch.

down in Madrid I waited until the wheels.

touched the runway and I checked it off.

just adding a little drama so part of.

the fun of having a list is checking it.

off now here's what's important about.

the lists in designing your future if.

the future gets clear the price gets.

easier because you got to remember for.

every promise there's a price to pay.

everybody's got to pay the price.

everybody's got to do the deal.

everybody's got to do the disciplines.

everybody has to pay but here's what.

I've discovered if the promise is clear.

and powerful the price is easy to pay.

the price is some classes the price is a.

few books the price is a few disciplines.

the price is finding something that'll.

make your life better make you grow make.

you change make you develop so the first.

part of the key is to design the promise.

then what is the price to pay them tell.

the price will be easy anybody in my.

audience to pay no matter where you are.

where you come from color doesn't matter.

religion doesn't matter where you grew.

up doesn't matter circumstances don't.

matter I'm telling you if you'll make.

the promise of the future clear for.

yourself the things you want the places.

you want to go things you want to have.

the person you want to become the skills.

you want the homes you want the future.

you want the friends you want all of the.

values of life that you could possibly.

want if you'll make that clear make.

those lists and be serious about it I.

promise you it's an easy price to pay.

anybody can pay it and the best advice I.

can give you is if I can do it you can.