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Bill Gates Talks Dropping Out Of College And Reveals His Biggest Extravagance

Bill Gates Talks Dropping Out Of College And Reveals His Biggest Extravagance

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Bill Gates Talks Dropping Out Of College And Reveals His Biggest Extravagance

you I mean you were always a computer.

whiz at school and you seemed to you're.

quite clever sort of manipulating that.

the shedder link software to your own.

advantage when you yeah computers came.

along when I was 13 and they kind of.

intimidated the teachers so I and a few.

others were viewed as the computer.

experts and they were nice enough to let.

us do the scheduling of the different.

classes so I could decide you know which.

girls were in my class I had lots of.

great girls my class I didn't talk to.

them much but they were there but I mean.

you started a high point there from then.

on bill it's all downhill like you're 13.

years old and you're manipulating.

they're the girls in your class that's.

like a dream no I it was very it's great.

privilege hate learning science she'll.

be amazing your way the power and now we.

know in hindsight because you dropped.

out of Harvard and in hindsight it was.

obviously start Microsoft but at the.

time for your parents they wouldn't have.

known the success that that was gonna go.

on to become how did they feel about.

their son doing that well they were very.

generously you know paid for my tuition.

at the time officially I went on leave.

and so you know if the company hadn't.

gone well Harvard's very generous about.

letting people come back so it really.

wasn't kind of a permanent thing so you.

never expect so you are thinking at some.

point I'll end up going back and.

finishing I wasn't but you know I'd been.

unrealistic and the business hadn't.

worked out it I could of and I loved.

school I mean I loved it when I was.

there and even now I read more text.

books and so it's kind of ironic that.

I'm a dropout because I I

like to learn as much as anyone I know.

yeah and your early days you described.

yourself as a nightmare boss visit your.

words not mine and was your were that.

work ethic just very different to.

everybody else's I was fanatical in my.


helping Microsoft lead the way and.

software was the only thing that I.

really focused on so.

oh you know I worked weekends I didn't.

believe in vacation and so I I really.

pushed people to work hard teach and I.

was still learning how to manage people.

particularly the different skill sets.

the salespeople the accounting people uh.

and so you know I I I fortunately I.

think I'm a little bit better now.

your wife was that she worked for you.

she was in eventually that's right she.

came uh after about ten years uh that.

was in the system that you manipulated.

to make her coming to the company that.

eclis she was just there and at the.

point where you met and you suddenly.

sort of took a shine and and clearly.

there was an attraction had you managed.

to get on top of your being a sort of a.

nightmare boss were you sort of in.

control because essentially you were.

still the boss you were her boss yeah.

well not directly.

the company was big enough that there.

were a few people in between myself and.

her and you know we started off pretty.

casually but you know then kind of.

surprised each other by falling in love.

and after we got married she retired.

from Microsoft that she always.

understood what we were what we were.

doing she she had a great career.

dude when you coming in today we put it.

out there and asked people what would.

they like to ask you and the same.

questions kept coming up time and time.

again and if it's alright I'm gonna put.

a few of those to you now the first.

question was what's the most extravagant.

thing you've ever bought well certainly.

the greatest extravagance is that you.

got ahead of them I travel uh I often go.

by use a private plane and that is very.