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DANDAPANI - This Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

DANDAPANI - This Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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DANDAPANI - This Life Advice Will Change Your Future

life is a manifestation of where you.

direct your energy it truly is and what.

we should really start with is to.

actually look at energy the same way we.

look at water if I took water if I took.

a watering can and I watered a garden.

bed with the weeds grow the flowers grow.

both right water has no ability to.

discriminate between the weeds and the.

flowers whatever I water starts grow and.

it is the same way as well if I took.

energy and I invested it into something.

negative it will grow and become more.

negative if I took energy invested it.

into something positive it will grow and.

become more positive energy has no.

ability to discriminate between what's.

positive and what's negative whatever.

you invest energy into starts to grow.

and manifest in your life right now you.

are the sum total of where you've been.

investing your energy throughout your.

entire life so the goal early in life is.

to figure out what it is you want right.

what's your purpose in life who and.

what's important your life and be able.

to direct energy towards that so that.

you can manifest that in your life so.

where do we begin with this we begin by.

understanding how the mind works I'll.

have to say with you after living 10.

years it's a celibate monk in a.

cloistered monastery in Hawaii this was.

probably the most important thing I.

could ever share with you understanding.

how the mind works from a monk's.

perspective of understanding a monk and.

experience with our monks objective of.

understanding the mind and experience of.

the mind in my perspective in my.

experience of the mind there are two.

things we need to understand awareness.

and the mind let's define what they are.

let's define awareness as a glowing ball.

of light so we imagine an orb a glowing.

ball of light that can float around.

let's call that awareness and put that.

aside now let's define the mind let's.

define the - a vast space with many.

different areas within it one area of.

the mind is angry hatred jealousy joy.

happiness sex food art science.

technology whole bunch of different.

things right.

yo awareness that ball of light can.

actually move to any area of the mind.

you want it to go to so if your.

awareness this glowing ball of light.

goes to the happy area of the mind it.

lights up that particular area of the.

mind you become you become conscious of.

being happy are you.

no you're in an area of the mind call.

happiness if this ball of light goes to.

the angry air of the mind it lights up.

that particular air of the mind are you.

angry no you're in an area of the mind.

called anger and by using your willpower.

and your powers of concentration you can.

actually take your awareness this ball.

of light to any area of the mind that.

you want to go to and here's the most.

important part where your awareness goes.

that's where your energy is flowing so.

if your awareness goes to the angry air.

of the mind your energy is flowing there.

it's actually strengthening that.

particular area of the mind so this is a.

theory of it so let's do a little.

practical exercise to see if this.

actually works or just some monk talk.

okay so for that I need some audience.

participation I need all of you to sit.

up straight in your chair okay and put.

your feet down on the ground and if.

you're leaning back in your chair sit.

forward a little bit keep your spine.

straight roll your shoulders back you.

can keep your head nicely balanced on.

top of your spine your eyes are closed.

don't worry we're not gonna chant or.

hold hands until later just kidding so.

take a slow deep breath in with your.

eyes closed take a slow deep breath in.

slowly exhale and take another slow deep.

breath in again and then slowly exhale I.

want you to become aware of the chair.

that you're sitting on is it comfortable.

is it not comfortable the temperature of.

the room is it cold warm what about your.

body posture is your spine straight your.

shoulders roll back you're sitting a.

little bit forward your head nicely.

balanced on top of your spine now I want.

you to become aware of the most recent.

wedding that you attended do you.

remember whose wedding it is were you.

happy for the couple getting married try.

and think as much detail as you can.

about the wedding do you remember what.

you wore to the wedding do you remember.

what the bride wore did she make a good.

choice with her dress how was the food.

of the wedding.

alcohol did you drink a lot was they.

good music did you dance did you do some.

crazy wedding dance now I want you to.