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Bodo Shefer speaking at Synergy Global Forum 2016, Part 1

Bodo Shefer speaking at Synergy Global Forum 2016, Part 1

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Bodo Shefer speaking at Synergy Global Forum 2016, Part 1

you see when I was a kid I was six years.

of age I wanted to be rich I was six I.

said mommy I want to be rich she said.

why I said because I love money.

she said money is evil oh okay.

I talked to my grandparents I said I.

want to be rich they said money is evil.

I went to church talked to the priest I.

said I want to be rich she said Oh money.

is very evil I went to school I talked.

to my teacher said when do you tell me.

how to get rich when will you teach me.

how to get rich she said Oh money is.

evil so I had this belief system I.

wanted to be rich but I still was.

thinking money is not good money is evil.

so age 26 I was broke I had a lot of.

depth I was broke and I'm telling you.

this so you know I was not born rich I.

had been poor and I am been rich a long.

time now and I can tell you rich is.

better that's an important lesson if you.

have what I did if you do what I did if.

you spend too much money you make some.

money but you spend more than that.

disaster and that happens because at the.

wrong belief systems and I had no.

financial education I believe we all.

need financial education but one thing.

one thing was good when I was in depth.

age 26 I knew I had to change something.

you know when there is Sun when there's.

shadows or when they shadow their Sun so.

if their shadow we have to look for the.

Sun now you know the motto of this day.

these two days here what's the motto.

crisis time to grow is that right crisis.

time to grow now I was looking.

at myself being broke 8:26 and I thought.

okay I have to grow I have to learn so I.

was looking for a coach I was seeing a.

sports show on TV and I was thinking all.

top athletes have a coach so I wanted.

someone to coach me and give me a.

financial education so what's good that.

I was broke otherwise I would have never.

looked for this coach and you know I.

want to tell you I respect you for being.

here because it shows that you want to.

learn I still want to learn every day I.

want to learn to live better I want to.

learn to laugh better I want to learn to.

learn better and I want to leave a.

bigger Legion see and it's all about.

learning when we learn we live better we.

laugh better and we have a bigger Legion.

see and we'll be as a result a very.

happy person now let's speak about how.

you achieve I'll do two speeches today.

now one and then we have a little break.

than another one let's speak about how.

you can achieve the income of your.

dreams I don't know if you have a number.

in your head what's the income of your.

dreams but maybe you start thinking what.

would be in figures the income of your.

dreams okay now remember the stones.

they're the secret we can't see them.

they're underwater there are our.

thoughts that's what we are thinking and.

you know the way we think about income.

and money depends on our financial.

education it depends on what we have.

learned and I think the most important.

thing is what we are thinking the most.

important thing let me explain why let's.

say this glass is you or me our.

personality that's us and this here the.

water inside is our dreams.

let's say we have a lot of streams but.

we are not so big as a personality what.