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Interview Tips to Get Your Dream Job | Brian Tracy

Interview Tips to Get Your Dream Job | Brian Tracy

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Interview Tips to Get Your Dream Job - Brian Tracy

hello I'm Brian Tracy and today I want.

to give you some tips on how to perform.

well on your next job interview.

Acey and interview isn't both an art and.

a science in order to give effective.

answers to questions you need to.

anticipate the information that.

interviewers want and figure out how to.

state it in a detail coherent way but.

you also have to master the informal.

interpersonal aspects of the interview.

interacting with your potential employer.

in a way that makes you seem trustworthy.

interesting and likable only through.

careful preparation can you master both.

the formal skills and the informal ones.

creating a positive lasting impression.

the next time you land an interview for.

a promising job make sure you do these.

things during the job interview you need.

to anticipate likely questions preparing.

for an interview begins with thinking of.

the questions that the employer is.

likely to ask as well as what responses.

will answer them most effectively while.

every interviewer is different most.

involve questions like these what can.

you tell me about yourself when.

employers lead with this question they.

don't want you to tell them about your.

hobbies instead they want to know about.

qualities you have that can't be easily.

listed on a CV but that nonetheless make.

you a valuable worker if you have a.

thirst for knowledge a love for.

interpersonal interaction or a knack for.

perceiving business opportunities in pop.

culture trends this is the time to say.

it what are your strengths employers who.

asked this question aren't looking for a.

list of skills and talents they can get.

that from your CV instead they want.

concrete examples of things you've done.

that display your strengths and.

abilities what are your weaknesses a.

standard tactic for answering this.

question is to list weaknesses that will.

actually come across as strengths but.

employers are expecting this so you have.

to be a little bit more subtle a little.

bit more creative consider telling the.

interviewer about real weaknesses and.

challenges that you have had but.

emphasizing the ways that you overcame.

those obstacles and improved as a.

professional this way you can give a.

positive impression of yourself without.

seeming like you never think about your.


preparing for likely questions is.

all about building confidence the better.

an idea you have what interviewers will.

ask and how you will respond the quicker.

and more coherent your answers will be.

next make sure that you research the.

company interviewers don't want to know.

the value of your skills in a generic.

office environment they're interested in.

finding someone who can address their.

needs specifically you are thus more.

likely to land the job if you research.

the company in depth before the.

interview here are some of the most.

important details for you to brush up on.

first look at the team members to the.

degree possible given the information.

that's publicly available find out who.

you'll be working with focus on members.

of the department you are likely to work.

in as well as managers and specialists.

from other departments that you'll have.

to interact with the more you know about.

potential coworkers the easier it is to.

show employers that you are a team.

player and that you can fit in next look.

at company history learn about when the.

company was founded how it rose to.


and who has played a major role in it.

over the years not only will this help.

you figure out how you can contribute.

but it gives you a sense of why this.

business is important.

Newman does show your interviewer that.

you are committed to whatever you will.

be doing when I talk to my prospective.

clients for speaking engagements which.

is a job application a job interview.

what I do is I look up everything I can.

find on the internet and I find out what.

their stock price is and what their.

stock prices have done and what they.

sell and how their sales are going and.

who their competition are and then I.

lead with questions I say I see your.

stock went up this last week why was.

that what exactly happened what do you.

expect for the future interviewers love.

to talk about their company and if you.

lead off with informed information about.

the company they will love to talk to.

you figure out what challenges the.

company is facing or is likely to face.

in the future that will prevent its.

growth then determine the ways in which.

you can resolve these issues you can.

help solve those problems they say in.

selling that every product is a solution.

to a problem we even say the words.

problem to be solved pdbs so one of the.

things you're.

looking for is a company that has a.

problem or problems that you can solve.

with your talents and abilities that's a.

guaranteed job so armed with this.

information you can present yourself as.

a solution to the firm's most pressing.

problems showing the interviewer that.

there's clear value in hiring you now.

how is this power and the more you know.

about a company the greater and.

impression you will leave during the.

interview to start to cause the.

interviewer to think we need this person.

working with us to help us to achieve.

our goal once you have assembled this.

information you'll be ready to practice.

in person finally find a friend.