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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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Arnold Schwarzeneggers Life Advice Will Change Your Future

there I go people ask me all the time.

what is the secret to success and I.

always tell them what the short version.

is you got to have a 22 inch biceps and.

you got to be able to kill predators.

with your bare hands and the other you.

have to be able to travel back in time.

to save the human race and of course you.

got to have this charming Austrian.

accent as he said that's a given but.

today since this is a seminar and a kind.

of a conference about success I think it.

can give you the long version here and.

the long version is that I actually.

always had five rules and everything.

that I did always use those five rules.

and those five rules helped me to become.

successful in various different areas.

and I think I believe that those rules.

can be applied to almost anyone and.

everyone you don't need to be a.

bodybuilding champion you either need to.

want to be a Governor of California or.

to be an action here or anything like.

that if you want to excel in whatever.

you do those rules are for you it's that.


now I have to tell you right off the top.

that I always was very intense as a kid.

Aradia was very intense and it was very.

hungry I always wanted to be the best I.

always wanted to be number one I always.

wanted to get to the top I never.

believed in just getting by now I have.

nothing against people that just want to.

get by because I think there are many.

roads to happiness but I think that we.

all here like to be successful and we.

are driven so that's why those rules.

apply to you so my first rule is find.

your vision and follow it you see I.

think it's the most important thing that.

we have a very clear vision of where we.

go a goal where do we go because you can.

have the best ship in the world you can.

have the best cruise liner but if the.

captain does not know where to go that.

ship will drift around the world and out.

there that sea and we'll never end up.

anywhere and this is exactly the way it.

is in real life if you don't have a goal.

if you don't have a vision you just.

drift around.

and you're not gonna be happy this is.

why it is so important to have that.

vision now I created that vision in.

Austria because I grew up after the.

Second World War.

Austria right along with Germany lost.

the Second World War.

thank God and the problem was that.

everyone was so depressed because they.

lost the war that there was alcoholism.

everywhere there was of course.

depression there was a terrible economic.

situation there was famine there was.

starvation and all of those things and.

also it was kind of a little place and.

narrow I felt kind of I wanted to get.

out of there I wanted to escape and I.

couldn't see myself really do work there.

in the stadia to work in the factory of.

the work on the farm although even to.

follow my father's footsteps and to.

become a police officer I couldn't see.

that either Sam I think that's what my.

parents wanted me to do they wanted me.

to become a police officer and to marry.

a girl by the name of Heidi and to have.

a bunch of children and to run around.

like the fun trap family in The Sound of.


but that's not what I saw this was the.

vision of my parents but not mine and.

luckily one day in school I watched a.

documentary about America and I found.

myself I knew exactly that is where I.

wanted to end up I wanted to be in.

America everything that I saw in that.

that commander just loved everything was.

so big I remember the tall skyscrapers.

the monstrous bridges the giant freeways.

filled with beautiful cars.

the huge jet liners movie stars Muscle.

Beach and all of those things I could.

not wait to get there the question was.

just how do I get there how do I get the.

America I mean it was not a common thing.

to do.

way back in the 50s no one had the money.

to travel or anything but one day I was.

fortunate enough to see a magazine and.

that magazine showed me the path to.

America and it was a bodybuilding.

magazine and on the cover bust is very.

muscular guy that was standing there.

like Hercules with the Hercules outfit.

his name was rich Park this rich Park.

was undercover and I remember the cover.

said mr. universe become.

Hercules star I read the article as fast.

as I could.

learning about how he grew up in Leeds.